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QUEUE #389: seiyuu + 2011 top 100

#2 Daisuke Ono

  • 2010 Rank - #1
  • Total number of notes - 4370
  • Recently the voice of - Jun Satou in Working’!!; Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji II Specials; Hugh Anthony Disward in Dantalion no Shoka; Tenzou Crossunite in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon; Nagi Kengamine in Deadman Wonderland; General Bernard in Dog Days; Sachiyo Satou in A-Channel; Arthur Augusto Angel in Ao no Exorcist; Soichirou Hinamura in Kamisama no Memochou; Woolf Enneacle in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE; Crow in Nichijou; Kou Ichijo in Persona 4 The Animation; Suzuya Tohzuki in Starry Sky; Kyousuke Kishi in Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi
  • My favorite role - 1) Itsuki Koizumi 2) Sebastian Michaelis 3) Hosaka from Minami-ke

Surprised or not surprised that OnoD fell to #2?




My top 5 collarbone porn pictures…thus far

Daisuke Ono / Jun Fukuyama / Kishou Taniyama / Mamoru Miyano / Chiyu (SuG)

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OnoD: “(Letter) ……….I love Gachapin very very much. However, if the delivery man comes when I am wearing the Gachapin costume, I need to change in super high-speed, take the elevator down to the front door of my mansion and receive my package. Could you give me courage to wander around in the mansion wearing the Gachapin costume, please?”
(About Gachapin, read here.)
HiroC: Here it comes.
OnoD: Oh~~~~
HiroC: Here it comes, the ridiculous request.
OnoD: Yeah. the first half (of the letter) is so different from the second half. (Only the second half is translated above)
HiroC: Yes. Actually……
OnoD: Oh, yeah?
HiroC: …….in this studio…….
OnoD: What?
HiroC: ……..we have it……Gachapin costume!!!!!!!!!!!!
OnoD: Ahh~~~~! Haha!!!!! Why do we have budget for this kind of thing?
HiroC: I have absolutely no desire to do it but well, an Otome is in trouble so we need to try and help.
OnoD: Really doing it?
HiroC: Pepu-sensei wants us to give her courage to wander about in her mansion. So, me and Ono-kun, one of us……
OnoD: One of us!!
HiroC: ……will wear Gachapin’s costume, get out of the studio, go as far as possible, and by doing so, show Pepu-sensei the courage.
OnoD: You are already completely devastated!! I heard there is only one costume?
HiroC: There is only one.
OnoD: One of us can stay in the studio, one of us will wear it and go and become the “casualty”.
HiroC: Yes. Let’s decide who will become Gachapin by Jaga-Jaga-Janken (Rock-paper-scissors).
OnoD: Because it is Gachapin? Wah~~~so stupid! (I’m not sure but probably Gachapin does this Jaga-Jaga-Janken in the original show)
HiroC: This is for real. We didn’t plan in advance who would do it.
OnoD: Surprisingly for occasions like this……it is usually Kamiya-san.
HiroC: I know!! Ah~~scary~~&$’#$*@&#%
OnoD: It happened for the T-shirt too. Haha. I’m kinda having fun. 
(I think he is referring to the dart game they played to decide how many T-shirts they had to sell in the public recording. Kamiya lost big time in that one. ^^;;;;
HiroC: We don’t have that much time. Shall we do it.

C&D: Jaga Jaga Jan Jaga Jaga Jan Jaga Jaga Jankenpoi!! Ah~~!!!

C&D: A tie!

C&D: Jaga Jaga Jankenpoi!!

OnoD: Ahahahaha!!! I won!! I won!! I won!!! I won, right?
HiroC: My scissor lost……
OnoD: Haha! Decided!!! (clapping hands)
HiroC: …………………
OnoD: Go put it on quickly, Gachapin. Haha!! He is speechless. Haha!!
HiroC: …………………
OnoD: I did it! I did it! Haha!!
HiroC: …………………
OnoD: Kamiya-san, can you talk while putting it on? Like how you feel right now.
HiroC: …………………
OnoD: Kamiya-san, is it your first time wearing Gachapin?
HiroC: …………………
OnoD: Ahahaha!! His heart is totally broken. Ah, now he put Gachapin over his head. Wah!! Haha!!
HiroC: ………why am I so weak in this kind of situation?
OnoD: You are weak. Gachapin! Are you ready? GO!!!
OnoD: OUCH!! OUCH!! He hit my arm!!!

OnoD: So, a Gachapin with the eyes of the dead has just left Bunka Housou. Moshi-moshi(hello), Gachapin? Moshi-moshi?
HiroC: Yes. What.
OnoD: Gachapin?
HiroC: This is Gachapin.
OnoD: Ah, it is Gachapin? Where are you now?
HiroC: Now I am one door away from outside.
OnoD: Ah, you haven’t gone outside. GO!!
HiroC: Okay.
OnoD: GO!! DIVE!!
HiroC: Go?? Okay. Where should I go??
OnoD: Of course Hama-matsu-chou (train) station.
HiroC: The station?
OnoD: Yes, please go there. 
HiroC: Okay, now opening the door.
OnoD: Because it is the train terminal where people gather.
HiroC: It’s cold!! Wait…..
OnoD: What?
HiroC: Err……….it is raining outside.
OnoD: Haha!!
HiroC: It’s cold!!! I’m cold!!
OnoD: But you have a hood, right?
HiroC: Yes……but I’m very cold.
OnoD: Well it is a bit far.
HiroC: It’s cold!! Ono-kun, it’s cold~~~!!!
OnoD: Alright. Change of plan. It is difficult to go to the station so just go to the Lawson(convenience store)nearby.
HiroC: Lawson is fine?
OnoD: Completely fine.
HiroC: I’m going inside Lawson now.
OnoD: Ah, get to Lawson by skipping gleefully.
HiroC: By skipping. Now, a woman is staring at me. 
OnoD: Haha!!
HiroC: My popular phase?
OnoD: No, that is probably Mukku.

HiroC: Mukku?
OnoD: Mukku, Mukku. It is Mukku. I’m sure.
HiroC: The woman is staring at me non-stop. Ono-kun…..
OnoD: It is Mukku so it’s okay that you be friendly and talk to him .
HiroC: Ono-kun, inside Lawson…..
OnoD: Go read Shukan-Jitsuwa while standing. 
(Shukan-Jitsuwa is a weekly magazine for men; it contains gossips of the dirty nature and nude photographs.)
HiroC: Read Shukan-Jitsuwa while standing?
OnoD: Yes.
HiroC: It is very crowded……the place where you can stand and read is very crowded.
OnoD: Crowed.
HiroC: Ah, The staff is very…….
(A female voice speaking in the background….) 
OnoD: What happened? Gachapin?
HiroC: Um….um…..
OnoD: Are you okay?
HiroC: Not okay…….I think…….ah..

OnoD: Ah……
HiroC: I’m getting out.
OnoD: Haha!!!!!
HiroC: (Angry) Hey you!!! Don’t you kid with me!!! Hey!! Hey!!!
OnoD: What happened, Gachapin? That’s not Gachapin’s character.
HiroC: You!! Just now I sort of got scolded by Lawson’s staff!!
OnoD: You got scolded. You got scolded seriously.
HiroC: I sort of got scolded!! You!! Hey!! What you gonna do about this?!
OnoD: Ah~~~really. But, you are Gachapin, right?
HiroC: Haha.
OnoD: You should challenge all kinds of things, right?
HiroC: (Cute voice) Okay. But I won’t be able to buy things in Lawson anymore.
OnoD: Hahahaha!!
HiroC: Is it still raining?
OnoD: It is pouring.
HiroC: Pouring? Pouring!!
OnoD: Any salarymen(male office workers) around? 
HiroC: There are but……
OnoD: What are the looks on their faces?
HiroC: They are looking at me while keeping a distance.
OnoD: Why don’t you step your “shiko”(=feet in “sumo” terms).

HiroC: ………………….here?

OnoD: Yes. Try stepping your “shiko”!
HiroC: Step my “shiko”?
OnoD: Yes.
HiroC: Dosukoi~~! Dosukoi~~! (Yell of a sumo-san while stepping his “shiko”)
OnoD: Ahahahaha!!!
HiroC: It is enough, right?!
OnoD: FINISH~!! Kamiya-san, please come back.
HiroC: Okay. The rain is cold~~~cold~~~cold~~~cold~~~%#*$@#$*
OnoD: How was it, Pepu-sensei. Has Kamiya-san’s courage got across to you? (Wearing the Gachapin costume) inside your mansion should be easy.


No words 

Just…no words.

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DEAR GIRL ~STORIES~ 179: What Happened Before the CharaHobby Public Recording!

HiroC: Actually, Ono-kun and I went to the meeting place together in my car, on the evening before the actual recording. 

OnoD: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like on Ainori. (love ride..??)

HiroC: No it wasn’t. 

OnoD: It wasn’t?!

HiroC: Then, Ono-kun said from the passenger seat of my car, “Kamiya-san, I shaved my legs again this year.” And he showed them to me. My only reaction was”ooh!”. Ono-kun, you were really bad during the ride there, in a number of ways.

OnoD: I was? What do you mean? Wasn’t it a wonderful drive?

HiroC: Ono-kun, you… I set the location into the car GPS system and we were driving on the highway. But the signal went funny and we got a little lost at one point.

OnoD: It said we were driving in the middle of an ocean.

HiroC: So I said, “Uh oh, Ono-kun, I’m sorry, but it appears we were supposed to get off at the exit back there. But since we’ve already passed it, we need to get off at the next exit, I’m really sorry…”

OnoD: Yes.

HiroC: And then he told me, “Kamiya-san, I have an emergency…”

OnoD: “I’ve got bad news.”

HiroC: “I’ve got bad news. I…need to go pee.” “H-huh?! Sorry, but uh, how much longer can you hold it for?” (he said,) “5 minutes is the limit.”

OnoD: Haha. It’s because, the next exit happened to be exactly 5 minutes away. 

HiroC: He was already at his limit!

OnoD: Exactly! It was a matter of whether I came first or the exit came first. 

HiroC: “Kamiya-san, may I let it out? …Kamiya-san, may I go in the car?” he asked,  and I said, “Oh hold it! Hold it! Hold it!!” And so we came off the highway.

OnoD: I kept saying, “Can’t hold it…!”

HiroC: All I could do was to get off of the highway in a hurry, and I had him do his best to hold it in. Then he said to me, “I was kidding, I think I can actually hold it in for another 10 minutes.” So I said, “Ah, Okay, sorry, but I’ll get off soon,” Then we drove into a gas station, he got off and finally, went off saying, “I’m going to go to the washroom.” and came back looking really relieved. And then he said to me, “Kamiya-san, I was lying when I said I could hold it in for 10 minutes, 2 minutes was about my limit.” 


HiroC: “Ah, it was really close.” 

OnoD: Between getting off the highway and arriving at the gas station, I was singing along loudly with the Durarara!! opening theme song.

HiroC: oh yeah!

OnoD: In order to distract myself, I was singing “UUUHH ASAHI GA NOBORU…!” the whole time!

HiroC: ahaha! Ono-kun started singing along really loudly to the songs that were being played from the car stereo and my iPod, and I was seriously wondering if he was almost at his limit.

OnoD: But I really was at my limit! I thought it would have been really bad if I couldn’t contain myself any further!

HiroC: AHAHA! So we drove into a gas station, and after letting him do his business, I thought I should get something to drink too. I went into the rest area of the gas station and there I saw Ono-kun doing something very shocking.

OnoD: What do you mean? That’s normal~

HiroC: For some odd reason, there was Ono-kun, putting coins into the bread vending machine…

OnoD: It’s a secret~~

HiroC: …and I was encountered by the signt of Ono-kun trying to buy bread! But the thing is, we talked about eating together once we arrived at the destination!

OnoD: We did talk about that, we did. 

HiroC: Even though we talked about meeting up with all of the staff members at the location and eating together, regardless of that, there was Ono-kun putting cash into the bread vending machine…! I asked, “Ono-kun, what are you doing?” and he pressed the button just as he answered, “Oh, I got hungry.” 

OnoD: It was just like a scene from a drama.

HiroC: Are you an idiot, Ono-kun? 

OnoD: No, I’m not!

HiroC: We were going to arrive there in another 5 to 10 minutes! And we even said that we were all going to eat together after meeting up. Why did you eat the bread?! I thought, “what is up with this guy?” 

OnoD: Why…? It was an instinct. It was out of impulse!

HiroC: The same guy who was saying he was going wet himself up until a moment ago, was now saying, “Oh, I got hungry,” and…lol

OnoD: I didn’t think it was that strange. 

HiroC: Trying not to wet himself by singing along loudly to songs, and after going pee, eating bread while saying “Oh, I got hungry,”…Who the heck do you think you are?!

OnoD: But I had a good time.

HiroC: Oh really.

OnoD: Yeah.

HiroC: Well, the ride there was rather amusing.

OnoD: That’s how the recording was this year. 

HiroC: And that’s what happened on the night before the recording. 

OnoD: Ah, that was fun.

HiroC: How was that, Fujitani-sensei? We talked about a lot of things but… good luck with the new series!

lol THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL, REALLY… XD (translations: unvrknow @ livejournal)







DGS this week. More terrible karaoke surfaces. 

Triangular and Tori no Uta, butchered 








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From today’s 「ダンタリアンの書架」 event.


END OF QUEUE #332: seiyuu + argyle

Daisuke Ono


QUEUE #316: seiyuu + quintet photo

Shinichiro Miki + Mitsuki Saiga + Daisuke Namikawa + Miyuki Sawashiro + Daisuke Ono


END OF QUEUE #315: seiyuu + quartet photo

Daisuke Ono + Hiroki Takahashi + Toru Ohkawa + Masaya Onosaka



From Voice Animage Autumn 2011

This is 100% wonderful!!! (glasses would make it 150% LOL)

Top ten seiyuu


According to this site.

1宮野真守 Mamoru Miyano

2緑川光 Hikaru Midorikawa

3福山潤 Jun Fukuyama

4谷山紀章 Kishou Taniyama

5石田彰 Akira Ishida

6鈴村健一 Kenichi Suzumura

7杉田智和 Tomokazu Sugita

7日野聡 Satoshi Hino

7中村悠一 Yuuichi Nakamura

10梶裕貴 Yuki Kaji

10鳥海浩輔 Kousuke Toriumi

This took me way too long, but uh… here’s my top 10~

1:諏訪部順一 [Junichi Suwabe]

1:森川智之 [Toshiyuki Morikawa]

1:岸尾だいすけ [Daisuke Kishio]

1:遊佐浩二 [Kouji Yusa]

5:寺島拓篤 [Takuma Terashima]

6:神谷浩史 [Hiroshi Kamiya]

7:小野大輔 [Daisuke Ono]

8:谷山紀章 [Kishou Taniyama]

9:福山潤 [Jun Fukuyama]

10:杉田智和 [Tomokazu Sugita]