FIRST ROW: Hiroshi Kamiya, Hiroki Yasumoto, Tomokazu Sugita.

SECOND ROW: Jun Fukuyama, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Toshiyuki Toyonaga.

THIRD ROW: Kousaka Atsushi, Takuma Terashima, Takahiro Sakurai.

Capturing the hearts of fangirls since forever… lol




END OF QUEUE #352: seiyuu + tongue (part 2)

Mitsuki Saiga + Toshiyuki Morikawa


QUEUE #337: seiyuu + leopard print (part 2)

Toshiyuki Morikawa


QUEUE #333: seiyuu + skull (part 2)

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Morikawa Toshiyuki has been released from the hospital!!!



He got out on September 1st.  

His thank you blog entry be here:

Just picking some parts out, he apologizes for worrying everyone, as an actor, as a business man, as a head of a family (Axl-one) he carries on his shoulders the happiness of his family and therefore promises to take better care of himself, and that “Everyone’s happiness is my happiness”.

He says thank you to the many fans who have been sending him get well wishes throughout the last 4 days, as well as to the overseas fans who have also been sending him their best wishes. 

Lastly, from here on he will work to return the kindness that everyone has shown him. 

He’s looking great!! Congratulations, Morimori!!

I’m so glad he’s feeling better…

I also love how he refers to Axl-one as a family. :’)

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TRACK: Velvet sky
ALBUM: Love or death



Morimori….the one and only Teiou, emperor of the night who has deflowered a many men (in the BL seiyuu world… you’d be surprised as to how many of them had Teiou as their first seme in BL LOL) is also the frontman for Black Velvet and what to say?  The man can sing…

The man is a voice actor, a singer, president of his own voice acting agency and school, loves his dog… how can you not respect that kind of person?

This is “Velvet Sky”.   When I went to watch Marine Super Wave Live in June(?) and Black Velvet sang this song, the girls in front of me were in TEARS.  

auuuuuugh I was completely dazzled when I saw him in person. *__________* He was super nice and shook my hand and I forgot every single word of Japanese in that single moment. /cries forever

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Top ten seiyuu


According to this site.

1宮野真守 Mamoru Miyano

2緑川光 Hikaru Midorikawa

3福山潤 Jun Fukuyama

4谷山紀章 Kishou Taniyama

5石田彰 Akira Ishida

6鈴村健一 Kenichi Suzumura

7杉田智和 Tomokazu Sugita

7日野聡 Satoshi Hino

7中村悠一 Yuuichi Nakamura

10梶裕貴 Yuki Kaji

10鳥海浩輔 Kousuke Toriumi

This took me way too long, but uh… here’s my top 10~

1:諏訪部順一 [Junichi Suwabe]

1:森川智之 [Toshiyuki Morikawa]

1:岸尾だいすけ [Daisuke Kishio]

1:遊佐浩二 [Kouji Yusa]

5:寺島拓篤 [Takuma Terashima]

6:神谷浩史 [Hiroshi Kamiya]

7:小野大輔 [Daisuke Ono]

8:谷山紀章 [Kishou Taniyama]

9:福山潤 [Jun Fukuyama]

10:杉田智和 [Tomokazu Sugita]

That awkward moment when…

you decide to listen to some drama CDs you downloaded from berselium a couple of days ago before going to sleep.

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