ARTIST: Kazumi Totaka
ALBUM: Animal Crossing (GC Rip)


Animal Crossing | 1 PM

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fabuliz218 made a request for some lolita designs, so i made up a few! the first one is based off of an angelic pretty dress {sugar fairy cake}, the second is something from fanplusfriend, the third is a cardigan i found while browsing around, the fourth and fifth are a generic lolita dress from different palettes to show how it can be changed to match a style, and the sixth is the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright logo

i hope these are okay, i wasn’t sure what sort of lolita you’d like to see so i just winged it. if not, message me and i can make up some more that you prefer c:

animal crossing wild world palettes:

  • first one: 9/16
  • second: 6/16
  • third: 12/16
  • fourth: 6/16 {can be used on essentially any palette}
  • fifth: 9/16 {can be used on essentially any palette}
  • sixth: 16/16
tagged: #animal crossing


Come on, we all do it!

Ultimate Animal Crossing Soundtrack Download:



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


good god

video game summaries


harvest moon- so you’re like this farmer and you pick up chicks

animal crossing- you’re this human thing in a world taken over by animals and you work off to pay a loan from a raccoon

any final fantasy- you’re the chosen one and you save the world from weird shit-lots of pretty people

phoenix wright- you’re a defence attorney and you prove people to be innocent-also, your boss died and her sister is a medium

kingdom hearts- you have a key thats a weapon,your best friend is angsty, and there are disney characters

katamari damacy- basically it’s like you’re high and you roll things into a ball and get bigger- your dad is creepy

pokemon- you have these creatures that you keep in balls and they fight other creatures for fun and you don’t feed them

spyro- you’re a purple dragon and you can’t fly and you have to unfreeze other dragons

crash bandicoot- you have this weird mask thing that follows you around and shouts chants-also, the villains are weird half breeds

sims- you are god and you can either torture people or make their lives amazing