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berselium replied to your post:  

ahhhhhhhhHHHH I’M SORRY DNSAJKDLASBJKDSANLKJ I-I didn’t think it was that much of a spoiler? OTL I’m really sorry dsajkdlsanjkdsak

Nonononono~! It’s fine!! It’s just weird for me since I played the other games before tumblr;;; It’s not that much of a spoiler anyway, and you’re so good with other things, so don’t worry so much! -petpet-

yorushikari replied to your post:  

Your Satsuki icons make me want to Satsumi at you fjfjidjdjfs

pfffffff- but i have to revise sob


Sorry for the lack of posts. The queued re-blogs will stop once I finish my last paper. 

Also look what came today! Thanks Danielle!

; A; mine still isn’t here yet I’m hoping it comes in the post tomorrow. > w<


#015: Though I have my biases, I can honestly say that I ship Haruka equally with every single guy.

Submitted by: berselium

People might say that it’s because she has a bland personality and can fit with anyone, but I think it’s just because she’s Nanami and every part of her can fit with any character.

That awkward moment when…

you decide to listen to some drama CDs you downloaded from berselium a couple of days ago before going to sleep.

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