So I just finished the Sanzen Sekai Yuugi demo and oh my goddddd suddenly I’m hyped up over it again where I was beginning to lose hope after it kept getting delayed.The characters, especially Tomoe, are charming, the music is pretty nice, I like the art/coloring style and the glimpses it gave us of the plot intrigues me because ahhhh this is the action/sci-fi otome game I never knew I wanted IT ALL FELT PRETTY NITRO PLUS-Y COMPLETE WITH THE FUN BLOODSHED. (okay so the bloodshed might be a downside for some but it’s a plus for me because a heroine who has no qualms about murder is something I’ve always wanted.) The demo ended just as it was getting interested, and the short scenarios for the three guys left me craving for more, which is unfortunate because this means it’ll be a sad sad long wait until December… late December at that which means it’ll take my proxy forever to ship. 

THAT SAID if you can read Japanese and want a sassy, action girl heroine with a soft spot for cakes along with a futuristic sci-fi plot with bloody fights that isn’t afraid to literally kill off the heroine if you choose the wrong choice, then I’d totally recommend you try this demo and let yourself be charmed into being excited for this game with me because so far, the only points that makes me :T towards the game is the long wait and the UI.

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Storm Lover Kai furoku cards from B’s Log September 2012




Storm Lover Kai furoku cards from B’s Log Oktober 2012

SOUYA CUTIE PIE NJASKLFBASJFLBASJ and Shiina you perfect creature come to me ffffffffff <3


seishun hajimemashita! - the twins

B’s Log; September


Preview? I guess. I wasn’t sure which blog to put this on, since it’s not very good quality and messy and.. yeah. Sorry for the quality, I couldn’t really be bothered with individual pages lately, it’s too time-consuming, so have it all mashed together! I only selected various pages, so it’s not everything either, since I don’t know which people preferred to see. 

Unfortunately, the quality gets worse with each page because it gets harder to hold down the magazine orz;;; Also, late, yeah.

Oh, and a trans. treat for amnesia fans inside ;u; 

Image and text heavy!

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The teacher routes: Spending days as lovers.

yes good


Bloody Call ~unENDing~
BlueMoon Otome Game; release: May 31st


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English Detective Mysteria
Karin Entertainment otome game; Release: 2012

The Sherlock Holmes otome game! Even more character addition. Miss Hudson, your butler, and Holmes and Lupin Snr !


Kamigami no Asobi
Broccoli otome game; Release: unannounced 

—-Collaboration with artist, Kazuki Yone, a game that tells of the “Unfortunate Love” between Gods and Humans; a co-existence that has never happened. Gods exists to be worshiped by humans in return for loving them. And at present the weakening bond between humans and Gods is drastic. So, one young girl is sent and ordered to teach these problem Gods about what is “Human” and “Love”.

Apollon Agana Belea: (The Blonde) The Sun God from Greek mythology.
Totsuka Tsukito: (Purple) The Moon God from Japanese mythology.

Mythologies 3 and 4 will be Norse and Egyptian respectively! The setting is within a school and the theme is——- “LOVE IS PAIN”! 



“It’s always difficult for me to explain what an otome game is, when I’m asked. Saying you play as a girl and try to find a boyfriend sounds kind of lame and shallow. It’s much, much more.”

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OTL yesyesYES THIS. My Japanese teacher asked last quarter and I didn’t know how to explain it to her (and in Japanese no less ndsjkandjskada)