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wingedflame replied to your post: okay let me try again

I think- woahwhathappenedtothereplybox- I’ll let you edit that before I send my next one then~ BWAHAHAH

Sorry I’ve put it in a reblog and I’m writing that again. The hot chocolate killed me. XDD >//3//>


I thought it was. I’m still eating that chocolate cake slice;; It’s so rich;;


I am back in my teasing groove~



I think I just found your birthday present




oh my god

i don’t even

what my mind-

actually, if you can find the bedsheets, they’d be awesome too. 8D

* A* having such a nostalgic day looking through my laptop. Making me miss my waffle waifu. ; n;

But it’s still all so fresh in my mind, almost like I hadn’t left it for three years;;;

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yessss finally got japan app store to wooork.

now to go hunting for stuff that I desire… even though I have no idea what I’m looking for;;;

and i’ll have to find a japanese gift card place if i want to buy any sobsob

arrgghhhh still fangirling over the ren necklace ////////// it’s just too perfect i love you my wife

petitcake whispered: Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. >:D

pfff- you, faireunechute and topsy12 all sent me these, but I’m only doing one! -huff-

  1. I’m back in my Hull house right now, which I call my home.
  2. Fruits Basket was the first anime I watched in Japanese and the first manga I collected in full.
  3. I’m currently obsessed with Sherlock, UtaPri and Starry Sky, but I still love everything I’ve ever liked just as much.
  4. I’ve been using the name ‘WingedFlame’ for almost as long as I was on the internet - changing from WingedAngel in my old roleplaying days.
  5. I enjoy writing my own fiction, but roleplaying as an established character is a lot easier.
  6. I find it very hard to get angry with other people, but much easier at games and technology - so essentially myself.
  7. I love drawing, but don’t really get to do it as much anymore, since I did it mostly whilst in lessons.
  8. In our front room, there is a ps1, original DS, gamecube controller and a burnt yorkshire pudding on the wall. All are broken.
  9. Working consoles wise, we have a slim and a phat ps2, wii, n64 and a snes. My 360 needs replacing, but isn’t going on the wall of death.
  10. I just came back from Tescos with some shopping which included 4 cans of Red Bull Cola. I am happy.
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petitcake whispered: >8 *kissy face*

-showers with kisses-

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petitcake whispered: But I follow you~ ; 3; Don't I? God I've been on this site long enough, I should be able to tell by now XD;; All your stuff shows up on my Dashboard though, as far as I know o3o Also uh, sexy men and yaoi are always fun. I'm really scared to scroll down my dash in case some pops up and I have to somehow explain to my brother or mother what I'm looking at. -.-

Ah, it was just tumblr being a derp, don’t worry~ XDD

But yessss, ahaha…. I’m sure most of that stuff is my fault;;;; Ahhh, you back at home~? = w= I’m at my dad’s right noooow. How’s Alfie~? > w<

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petitcake whispered: WingedFlame

That, my wife, is the best fandom.

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sunwaffles liked your post: guess who gets to write a poem about love for next…




except it’s gonna be hard to explain if they ask me about it OTL