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topsy12 whispered: I LOVE YOOOUUUUU

u wu ahhh all this love let me roll in it i’m just ahhh i don’t know how to explain ; w;

I don’t think there’ll ever be a time in my life when I don’t see crumbs and immediately go



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topsy12 whispered: i hate you sfm

i regret nothing

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topsy12 whispered: Bitch don't be posting pictures of food when i'm on a comfort eating binge! I don't need no oreo cookie ice cream cravings!


i want it and i make you want it too bwhahaha

I’m finally back in my own bed in Hull~ It feels like forever since I was here, but also not that long ago either?? Time is weird.

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Usually they do pork with sage and onion stuffing, but today it’s chicken with sausage and herb stuffing and roast potatoes

I regret nothing.

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So today pretty much gives me all the feelings that reminds me of why I wanted to come down to London.

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So now we’re in Hyde Park.

I think I’m gonna die.

Sat in Green Park after an average day with Anna and Vicky.

I fear for the people who are listening to us laughing.

I think this is the first time I’ve been into KFC and not ordered anything.

topsy12 replied to your post: It’s 10am, and I’m wondering about a few things:…

How the hell have you never seen Scary Movie? What have you even been doing with your life?

Not only have I not seen Scary Movie, I have also not seen about 90% of the films they reference and only know them because of their fame/references in other things.