Gaming Things that make you RAGE #138

Pokemon: When a Champion Uses a Full-Restore

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Gaming Things that make you RAGE #90

Kingdom Hearts: Fighting Riku the Second Time at Hollow Bastion

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This got me so angry.

You’re walking, suddenly, these beggars.

“Please, give me some money. My kids haven’t eaten anything today.”


It made me wanna stab them in the face.

But then I’d get the message:

‘Ezio did not stab village people’.

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12 Days of Sci Fi Hotties

Day 10 - Garrus, Thane and Jeff “Joker” Moreau from Mass Effect!


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get off of there cat. you have no idea how to press up up down down left right left right B A start. you are a cat. you will never beat my high score.

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I’m so tired of seeing typical stereotype female characters wearing typical female character clothing in video games.


My reaction to seeing a female character on most games: “She has a massive rack and looks like a stripper. Why am I not surprised?”


I wish people didn’t see Birth By Sleep as “just another Kingdom Hearts spin-off.” It’s seriously so much more and easily one of the best games in the entire series.

video game summaries


harvest moon- so you’re like this farmer and you pick up chicks

animal crossing- you’re this human thing in a world taken over by animals and you work off to pay a loan from a raccoon

any final fantasy- you’re the chosen one and you save the world from weird shit-lots of pretty people

phoenix wright- you’re a defence attorney and you prove people to be innocent-also, your boss died and her sister is a medium

kingdom hearts- you have a key thats a weapon,your best friend is angsty, and there are disney characters

katamari damacy- basically it’s like you’re high and you roll things into a ball and get bigger- your dad is creepy

pokemon- you have these creatures that you keep in balls and they fight other creatures for fun and you don’t feed them

spyro- you’re a purple dragon and you can’t fly and you have to unfreeze other dragons

crash bandicoot- you have this weird mask thing that follows you around and shouts chants-also, the villains are weird half breeds

sims- you are god and you can either torture people or make their lives amazing






The Joining (Dragon Age: Origins Cocktail)

1.5cl Hpnotiq
1.5cl Dark rum
Splash of 151 rum (to taste)

Directions:  Layer the ingredients in a shot glass using a spoon, with the Hpnotiq on the bottom, dark rum in the middle, and 151 rum on the top. 


(Drink created and photographed by Heather, also known as Meyne on the Dragon Age forums.  Thanks for the submission!)

Hmmmmm… >:-)

We need to make this happen Jenni!

Reblogging forever!

I will be drinking this tomorrow night. I have plans.

Though, to be a proper Joining, potential wardens must remove all their clothing and equipment prior the ritual. (I know I’m not the only one who does this…)

For Ferelden! For the Grey Wardens!




 This has indeed happened on a few ocassions. (Excluding Kingdom Hearts as my rage brought me to victory in both games X’D no joke)